2030 – REHSAC

Memphis’ 2030, formerly known as James Onyx Casher, unleashes his new EP, REHSAC right in time for his upcoming Universal Plug Society tour alongside fellow Memphian Marco Pave. Don’t be fooled, however, the name change is just a formality. 2030 still brings the same darkness and grit think of it like Kobe in #24 or LeBron in #6. REHSAC (Casher backwards) serves as the launching point for 2030s renaissance. The ambient production meshes perfectly with 2030’s gruff and borderline haunting vocals. 2030’s cavernous voice serves as a surprising conduit for hilarious lines like “yo circle full of squares like some fucking Eggos.” Clocking in at only 7:59, the 3 song EP will immediately have you fiending for what’s next. Check it out down below.