Ambrose Brown – DIVE: Lit Edition

Texas native, Ambrose Brown would like to present to you, “DIVE: Lit Edition”; with two new and exclusive joints.

While creating this album, Ambrose sought out to be vulnerable with his audience and share moments of contemplation that he’s faced as an artist. From being uncertain as an artist; if his passion is truly enough, and will it truly help achieve goals; to questioning one’s self and spending too much time contemplating potential outcomes.

In examining possibilities, he has found himself in between three: being happy, being high, or just being sad.

DIVE: Lit Edition truly is the journey through an artist’s mind and life. Beginning with contemplating why they want to be an artist, to evaluating self-worth and what they have to offer the world. Coming down to dreaming about the what ifs, and finally realizing that over-analyzing too much is no good either. DIVE: Lit Edition is a reminder to artists and the audience, that they need to make the choice to jump, and to dive all in.

Through his album, Ambrose wants to share with his audience, that the only way you’ll achieve your goals is by making the choice to do what you love. In his very own words, “Just DIVE into your passions, and say fuck it. Whatever happens, happens. You pay the price you picked tomorrow.” Check out the full project down below.