Anthony Scott – Envisions (Album)

Locomotive Entertainment CEO Anthony Scott is bringing a spark to the industry. He’s not focused on any other artists out there, only himself as he’s his biggest competition. Anthony Scott has his own lane that he travels in and aims to close a generational gap. He feels the industry has been watered down with meaningless music and is here to bring the real life struggles back in hip hop and stepping on folk making issues. Hip hop needs more substance, more of a movement and Anthony Scott is bringing art back to artists. He’s here to influence and inspire those to follow their dreams. This music has no color and Anthony Scott looks to use that as a tool to express the positives. His music  is the life he lives, day by day. Anthony Scott is here to rescue hip hop.

For those of you who don’t know much, if anything about Anthony Scott, his latest 13 track “Envisions” plays a great introduction to who he is as an artist. The project contains features from the likes of Bvggs, King Tef, Jamaal Lynd3L, and a few other dope artists that assist Scott bring this project together. Praised for its unique combination of both style and content, Anthony Scott’s Envisions incorporates raw, passion-filled lyrics into heavy 808 basslines and groovy, stylistic melodies for a sound that resonates with listeners young and old. Scott does a nice job of creating a unique sound as he looks to solidify himself in the over saturated rap scene. He’s definitely one of those artists that you need to keep your eye on, because his new shit always takes you by storm. Do yourself a favor and press play down below.