Ari bb – Beyond the Thunderdome

Cover art by: @byNPZ

“Beyond the Thunderdome is about both types of nostalgia, good nostalgia, bad nostalgia. You know the things from your past you’d rather forget but you have no choice but to accept. Good nostalgia is really self-explanatory. Also about dreams.” Stated Ari bb. having spent a lot of years not believing himself, This project is a resurgence of his ego.

“It’s fantasy versus morbid reality”

The 5 track EP is a clear introduction to the artist’s style and lyrical capabilities as he manages to bring forth a much more unique style. Each record carries a different vibe allowing Ari to showcases his versatility as he delivers nicely over various production. The track arrangement helps add to the overall cohesiveness making transitions sound seamlessly smooth. Do yourself a favor and give the full EP a listen down below.