CeddroDaGod – MoodSwings

Central Florida recording artist CeddroDaGod makes his debut on our page with his latest project, MoodSwings. Coming in at 10-tracks, most of the songs on this project have a bit of a lazy monotone vibe to them which actually compliments each track in its own way. Experimenting with uplifting and mellow songs, each track is considered a MoodSwing due to its unique setup.

The track that stood out to us the most was, Workin. Produced by Sez On The Beat, this track comes in at number 5, but honestly, the project should have opened up with this track in our opinion. With much of the tracks on this body of work consisting of, or deriving from a particular sound, Workin sets the mood as you make your way through the remaining records. On the production end of things, Ceddro tackles a variety of instrumentals in a way that makes for a much more cohesive listen.

Turning our attention to the rapping schemes used; not much is different from track to track. Although each track differs in the level of energy that is put forth, independently, each record makes you anticipate a similar style. Overall, CeddroDaGod delivers a nice sounding body of work that can be enjoyed from top to bottom. Stream the full project down below.

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