Chicago, IL Artist Kari Has an Impressive Debut on His Hands with – VENUS DOES(NT) EXIST

This shit is impressive. This evening we spend some time on SoundCloud just scrolling and looking to see what we could find. Well, it didn’t take us long until we came across a gem. Hailing out of Chicago, IL Kari makes his debut on our page with his new project, VENUS DOES(NT) EXIST. Clocking at 7 tracks in length, this EP is filled with various emotions that can be heard in Kari’s voice. The project opens up with “Highway Admiration Compilation Intro” which essentially sets the whole mood and provides the listeners with insight on what to expect. On the production end of things, Kari’s delivers nicely on various instrumentals in a way that allows him to lyrically excel. Stream the full EP down below.