Deezie Brown – Anna Wintour Every Winter

PRODUCTION: Young Antho + SB95

Deezie Brown has created a cinematic visual story to his recent release of “Anna Wintour Every Winter.” He utilizes the video to further convey his bravery and confidence as he is traveling along his path. Throughout the video, Deezie finds destruction and devastation while he is in search of his endlessly eluding dream, Judith. 

“When I first pressed play on “Anna Wintour Every Winter“, I knew that this wasn’t just some kid that woke up and decided he wanted to be a rapper. He has found his voice and it shows. His delivery is seasoned and peaks your interest. His rhymes are well written and witty.” AR Report

“I come from the dirt outside of the city. The bike, the dirt, the loneliness within the trees, it drives me. I could live in the woods forever.” – Deezie Brown