Fresh Breakfast Delivers His Long-Awaited 11 Track Project “Mango Dumb 2”

Imagine a bottomless pit, an abyss, where despair fills the air. There was something shining in the pit, out of curiosity, you went down there to get it. A shining piece of fruit. The fruit you’ve never seen before. You consume the fruit, it satisfies you for months, even years. But it doesn’t satisfy you forever. When it ceases to satisfy you, you yearn for more, but now you are stuck. You just know you need more of this fruit. Hopelessness. Agony. A couple of words to describe your patience until you are rescued from the pit with more fruit as the ladder comes down the abyss.

Imagine the fruit that you went to consume is Mango Dumb. Imagine that the ladder is the long-awaited Mango Dumb 2, and the person you meet at the end of the ladder is Fresh Breakfast Muk Dipped in Butter, Looking Like Light, aka Lil Block Star, aka Dirty Lil Boy, aka Breakfast Christ, aka Universal Friend.

Hailing from the Bay Area and all of the universe, Fresh Breakfast delves into the deepest recesses of his being to bring you the melodies and charms that brought you Mango Dumb. Mango Dumb 2 is a beautiful and novel work of art which will take you to other worlds upon listening. Featuring various production, Mango Dumb 2 is an 11 track project that clocks in at around 31-minutes in length. Fresh Breakfast doesn’t skip a beat as he comes through superbly on this body of work. Each record showcases his unique sound as it makes for a very cohesive listen from beginning to end. Available on multiple streaming services in the coming weeks, you can now stream the full project down below via SoundCloud.