Harrowgrove – CAPS LOCK

From the deep woods of New Jersey comes Harrowgrove, the project and brainchild of C.J. Davis. A meticulous sonic architect, the singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist, Davis has achieved an unprecedented brand of Trip-Hop R&B in the vein of FKA Twigs or Massive Attack. Harrowgrove spins late-night tales of desire, urges, and sleep, painting portraits of human psychology through vibrant, haunting soundscapes. Harrowgrove’s forthcoming project is a return to form, built entirely from the ground up by Davis himself.

The release of, “CAPS LOCK” marks the return of Harrowgrove, a sophomore effort entirely produced, written & performed by one C.J. Davis. Defined by haunting soundscapes built of skillful arrangements – frantic keys, high-voltage guitar, and trip-hop bass lines – CAPS LOCK is a realization of the Harrowgrove vision, delving into questions of race, faith, belonging, and identity. Each of the 11 tracks boasts a standalone sound of its own which combine to be greater than the sum of its parts. You’ll find Harrowgrove is a new, refreshing, and brutally earnest experience that follows no trends or formulae.

The swidlife team had a great time covering this project. As this marks Harrowgrove first appearance on our page, the Jersey native sure did not disappoint. The project was well crafted making for a smooth listen in its entirety. Each record carried a different vibe but managed to connect cohesively with one another. This definitely will not be Harrowgrove last appearance with us as he plans to deliver more bangers this year. With that being said, check out the project down below.