South Texas Alternative Hip-Hop Group Ivy Returns with Their Latest Project, ‘Lostboy’

South Texas alternative Hip-Hop “supergroup” IVY has returned from the grave to release LOSTBOY. The group gained major recognition after releasing their first major music video “Big Bag.” LOSTBOY consists of 13 tracks from; PaintItBlues, THEABYSSS, Swanny Ivy, REEK, & Samurai Duck.

LOSTBOY, produced by the one and only G Clef gives you hard-hitting tracks such as “Lil Baby” “ATM” and “Wolves,” but also dives into a lucid dream which is “Shalala” “Sink” and “Lostboy” (the single). Each track has a special quality in its own right, and you could tell each member gave you a piece of themselves for you to hold on to.

Apparently, this isn’t it for IVY Music Group. There has been word going around that each member has their hands on their own exclusive EP’s, LP’s, and/or albums. Only the future will reveal exactly what they’re up to, and we’ll be there with them for the ride.