Ivy Music Group – Big Bag

Don’t Call them a Boyband; IVY is a hard-hitting collective of alternative hip-hop artists. With a new album on the horizon, their music contains something in it that can be appreciated by all types of aficionados. Having shared stages with other established artists like Lil Yachty, Rae Sremmurd, and even Steve Aoki (as IVY was one of the local contributors to the Inagural Mala Luna Fest), the guys show no signs of slowing down, releasing their newest video, “Big Bag.”

Each artist seems to be in sync with one another. The chemistry here is phenomenal. The energy can be felt. Each verse complimented the previous and the hook is really what wraps everything together. If this collective isn’t on your radar going into the new year, trust us, they will produce more content giving you no other option. Check out the video down below.