Jiggly J – Groovy Groupie

Chicago native Jiggly J makes his debut on our page with his new cut, “Groovy Groupie.” Clocking in at a little over 4-minutes this bouncy track is backed by a catchy hook that’ll make you run it back a few times. Jiggly J does a nice job of delivering on the production in a way that’ll get you to turn up. Stream the new cut down below. Jiggly J

Updated: 01/11/17

swidlife: Give us a little background about yourself: Where you based out of? How old are you?

Jiggly J: I was born in Maywood, Illinois but I did a bit of moving since my mom went to college in DeKalb. Once she graduated, we permanently moved to Joliet. I was in 1st grade at the time. I’m currently 17 and still in high school, which is really getting boring to me. But yeah, I’ve been living in Joliet most of my life and I became myself here. It’s weird because we have a lot of talent here and everyone’s finally starting to notice. When I first moved here we all felt like it was a town full of nobodies but I’ve been impressed with the people I’ve been meeting out here recently.

swidlife: How did you start rapping and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

Jiggly J: This is legit my favorite story to tell. I started off as a joke rapper messing around with buddies back in the 6th grade. I’d turn the webcam on my mom’s laptop and start clowning, saying the dumbest and nastiest things I could think of. I got like 30 views and thought I was hot. Then from there I actually started getting the hang of writing lyrics. I’d go on Genius and study the greats like Eminem and Nas and I tried to mimic them. Now it’s 7th grade and my homie Mark and I are thinking we’re like the new age Bad Meets Evil. We give ourselves the goofiest names possible, Mark the Marker and Jiggly J, and we skip class and go to this one room to write lyrics. We did that just about every day. But yeah, I was also a basketball player, so I put that over rapping. I dropped a couple of songs on Soundcloud before Soundcloud was even popular, but no one cared. Fast forward to Sophomore year and me and my friend Colin form a group called Grimy Gang. Our friends thought we were good, but we got clowned by other kids, which SUCKED. It fueled me so much, so I wrote more and more and more. About 3 months in, we finally started getting respect and racked up over 100,000 views over like 7 songs. I sold these shirts and the whole town either had one or wanted one. Seeing people appreciate my music and merchandise made me realize how far I could go. People even send me paragraphs about how I inspire them and how my music gets them through things, which is awesome. My supporters keep me going and I want to make them proud someday. That’s what keeps me going strong!

swidlife: What are some of the biggest mental tools you can obtain to be successful this field?

Jiggly J: Confidence. That’s something I’m still working on. You must have the ability to just go out anywhere and be yourself, and that’s what distinguishes you from another artist. I’m a pretty weird guy but I’m like I’m a superstar at the same time, so I’m not afraid to rock out a crowd and be myself on a stage. Every artist needs to embrace themselves to succeed.

swidlife: Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

Jiggly J: I’ve never dropped a project yet but I’m working on two. One is an EP called “THAT’S GRIMY!” and I teased at it with my song “GROOVY GROUPIE!” It’s going to be strictly turning up, hard hitters, and blatant disrespect. It’s like the demonic side of me that only people who piss me off would see but in an energetic and fun way.  In GROOVY GROUPIE all I was doing was dissing my ex-girl who had sex with my now ex-homie, and I was just having fun with it and riding the beat. I got a couple of songs to finish and that’s most likely the next thing I’m dropping. Coming soon guys!

swidlife: What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

Jiggly J: I make shirts. I like doing my own cover art. I’m pretty good at any sport I play except soccer, plus I spend a lot of time in the gym just going for the gains. I also like to party and act wild. I have fun with anything that isn’t school, to be honest, and despite my hatred for school, I’m still in honors classes trying to maintain a decent GPA just for my mom. You’re welcome, mom.

swidlife: How would you describe your sound?

Jiggly J: You can’t put me in a box. My main influences are Eminem, Tyler, the Creator, Chance, Outkast, Nas, and just about every Soundcloud rapper there is. They all sound so different but I implement just about every style in my songs. I can go from a lo-fi vaporwave beat talking about how I’m in love with this girl to talking about shooting someone’s grandmother with a sniper rifle. I used to be hooked on the old boom bap lyrical rap but I’ve been experimenting with new flows and melodies. I’m usually talking about a girl I liked in my songs, whether it’s good or bad, but when I get with Tone and Moi (fellow Grimy Gang members,) I just come up with crazy flows and cartoon-like lyrics. My subject matter varies and that’s why my fanbase is so broad, which I like a lot. I tried singing in the shower once and it actually worked, so you already know what’s next. Just call me the do-it-all man.

swidlife: Are you currently working on some new music?

Jiggly J: I’m focusing on making sure Groovy Groupie is everywhere right now so currently not. But once I get where I need to be in this song, I’m going to finish up my project.

swidlife: How often do you record new music?

Jiggly J: I’m just a broke high school kid who likes to sound like the cats on the radio, so not often, I rack up my $60 paychecks like twice a month and try to get a decent amount of time in the studio, and my Grimy Gang homie Sanch helps a little bit, too. If I could be in the studio more often I would, but it’s not an option right now.

swidlife: What would you say is the toughest part of being an artist?

Jiggly J: Recognition. I feel like I was supposed to be big a while ago because a lot of these famous artists suck. It confuses me how people say I have all of this talent but the world doesn’t know about it yet. But things have been looking really good lately and bigger names are getting ahold of me, so hopefully, this won’t be a problem soon.

Well, there you have it, folks. Thank you for your time Jiggly J and glad we could give the people a clear overview of the man behind the work. Are there any last thoughts you wanted to share?

Jiggly J: If you have a talent or hobby you really enjoy, don’t wait until you’re struggling to put time into it. There are so many talented kids out there who could be living the dream if they actually put time into their craft. My dad always stressed to me how I should outwork everyone while I’m young and I’ll have a head start, and that’s I’m so focused today. Chase your dreams, don’t let anyone put you in a slump, and be yourself. That’s the Jiggly J way.