KlassBros – All Good

PRODUCTION: slackbeatz

Exciting new hip-hop group KlassBros drop their first hit single, “All Good.”

KlassBros are thrilled to announce the release of their hot new single titled: “All Good.” This song is the first single off the exciting group’s upcoming album, “A Klassic.” The entire album, including this single, was produced by slackbeatz. The KlassBros are prepared, and truly believe in their ability to be the future of hip-hop.

#TheNewGreatness#TheNewGreatness is the KlassBros’ signature hashtag, representing their strong belief in their team and music.This catchy single has a music video in development and will be releasing late June to early July. Stay tuned for KlassBros’ upcoming album as well as the music video for “All Good.”