KNDRX – Me Right Now EP

Coming off of a 3 year hiatus from music, a relocation to Denver, and the new challenges of fatherhood, KNDRX is back and better than ever with his new, “Me Right Now” EP.

Departing from his previous hip-hop/trap stylings, his new EP is a change-up sonically from what listeners may be used to and reflects a new honesty with ominous production and vulnerable, relatable lyrics.

”This project is full of emotions and growth. I like to say I captured the person I am right now with these songs. All of the insecurities of a relationship and fatherhood, of following my dreams while juggling real life. It just puts you in my shoes for 17 minutes so after listening to it, you know what I’m dealing with and where I’m at mentally. It is by far my most personal record to date and is an open window into my life.” – KNDRX