Livid Color – They Tried to Tell Me I Wasn’t a God

Livid Color, originally from Chicago but now residing in Denver makes his debut on our page. His latest EP, “They Tried to Tell Me I Wasn’t a God” is a body of work that consists of 5-tracks. If you’re unfamiliar with Livid Color, this project plays as a great introduction piece and gives insight to his unique production choice as well as lyrical ability.

The project starts off with, “God” which essentially sets the whole mood. The production on this track gives the listener a warm feeling as Livid delivers nicely over the slow smooth production. As you make your way down from track 1, to track 3; the delivery and approach don’t sound too distinct. Although each track differs in the level of energy put forth, independently, each record makes you expect a similar monotone style. The last 2 tracks on the project give off a different vibe and feeling but as a collective, they do a nice job of wrapping the whole EP together perfectly. Check out the EP down below.