Maryland Artist Muhteyoh Does Not Disappoint with His Fourth Solo Project, ‘HiiLiife’

Maryland-based artist MuhTeyOh makes his debut on our page with a project that we found to be purely amazing. HiiLiife is MuhTeyOh’s fourth solo project. Coming in at 8 solid tracks, the body of work plays as a great introduction piece if you’re unfamiliar with the young Maryland native.

With an array of different production styles incorporated into this project, MuhTeyOh showcases his artistry in a way that makes for a cohesive listen. The project opens up with, ‘leave a MSG‘ a short sweet record that is vocal driven. Although this track doesn’t necessarily do a good job of setting the mood as far as expected sound goes, the 2nd track, ‘Low Liife‘ brings forth a more distinct sound that gives the listener a clear overview of what to expect as you make your way down the remaining 6 tracks. Overall, MuhTeyOh does a nice job of bringing forth a unique sound that can be enjoyed in its entirety. Stream the full project down below.