Proz Taylor Is Closing out 2017 with His Debut Full-Length Album, ‘Deadman Wonderland’

After the release of various singles, his short-film “HILLS“, and going on tour and playing multiple musical festivals, Proz Taylor is closing out 2017 with his debut full-length album, Deadman Wonderland. Coming in at 12 tracks, the album’s production is handled by Proz, Thomie, and Randy’s Alive Not Dead, and features guest appearances from Deezie Brown, Parallelephants, Venture, Taylor Goldchain, and Randy’s Alive Not Dead. Check out the album below and keep your eyes on the Deadman as he continues to make a name for himself with his arcane sound and self-coined genre, “Deathwave Glam Pop.”

This year has been filled with so many life-changing events and it’s time to bring it to an end. Although…the end is only the beginning. -Proz Taylor