Rahmaan – Shanti (Prod. KINGBNJMN)

20 year-old Bangladeshi Hip Hop and R&B recording artist Rahmaan makes his first appearance on our page with his latest offering from his upcoming EP Gracious, in the form of, “Shanti.” When asked about how this record came together, Rahmaan had this to say:

In ‘Shanti,’ I talk about some personal details of a toxic relationship I was stuck in between May 2016 to March 2017. Although the song is very personal to me, I believe it has the ability to help other people within toxic relationships (as there are way too many) break free of their demons and learn to find happiness.  Although the song title directly means “peace,” it by no means sounds peaceful

— throughout the song, I am struggling to find the peace that I need.  As I say “Yallah, Yallah — I need some kind of power, power — to be all on my own” in the prehook, I pray to Allah asking for emotional strength and independence. My hope is for this song to help listeners in the same way that creating it helped me deal with my problems.  In essence, the definition of this song is, “fuck these hoes, I’mma focus on myself.”