Reedus 3M – Empathetic Victories


Boston, Massachusetts native Reedus 3M links up with the swidlife team to premiere his brand new self-produced record, “Empathetic Victories.” This record plays as the first single off of his debut mixtape “Pedigree Over Every Thing” which is expected to drop soon.

This is more of a personal record that covers touchy topics such as being a minority in America, as well as mentioning America’s Justice System and how the government has conspired to put black men in jail for very long periods of time for fallacious or non-violent crimes. In an industry that’s often over-saturated with the same content and artists being circulated, Reedus really shows what it’s like to use your voice to be the change you want to see. People forget that music plays an important role in daily society. With this record, Reedus brings forth issues that really matter not only to him, but many more and delivers it in a way that’s easy for him to express it. 

Reedus maintains the consistency of his flow as he delivers nicely over the bouncy instrumental. Often times when artists self-produce their own music, they seem to be more relaxed and the lyrical ability seems to come naturally, and this is definitely the case here. The whole track is very cohesive, from the catchy hook that pulls everything together, to the eye-opening lyrics that’ll make you run the track back a few times. Mixed by Alex Kohn at Phoneix Down Recording in Somerville Massachusetts, the whole track makes for a smooth listen. If Reedus’ upcoming project sounds anything like this, it’s safe to say the young Massachusetts native has some major work on his hands. Check out the brand new record down below.