Reggie Pr1me – SWIM

The DMV’s newest live hip-hop artist/producer Reggie Pr1me arrives mid-summer to embark on his latest voyage, “SWIM.” For the past year or so Reggie Pr1me has stood as somewhat of a dark-horse within the emerging DMV music scene, carefully planning the follow-up to his romantically reflective college mixtape “HER” in 2015.

SWIM (Songs Written in Maryland) is an ode to the area in which Pr1me developed as an artist and as a young adult. This debut maritime project in collaboration with DEAF PEDESTRIAN RECORDS, infuses the heartbeat of Prince George’s County into melodic-deep wave production that offers a submersive experience for listeners. The 13-track project contains the buzzing like singles; Photoshop, Hit My Phone, and Feels Good.

SWIM features some of the sharpest indie talent Maryland has to offer, with appearances from Super Nike Nando, Havana Seoul, Cawl Sted and Denzel Oaks.

Production wise, Reggie has done most of the heavy lifting in his self-production debut, producing and co-producing all but two songs on the tracklist.

Official Tracklist Cover Art