Roemello – The R&R Tape

Making his way out of West Haven, Connecticut, we introduce you to 18 year-old Roemello, the young musician who wants to change the way the youth views music. For Roemello, it’s much bigger than just being another artist. He heavily focuses on making sure the youth understands theirs more to life than what they think. “We’re in a rapidly changing time and we’re trying to find ourselves. I also want my listeners to think more about themselves and their lives. There’s more to it than just the “now,“” he stated in a recent interview. 

In an industry where artists’ like to jump on each others wave, instead of creating a lane for themselves, Roemello found his lane and decided to stick to it. “I separate myself by staying true and building my own sound. Too many artists are trying to come up with a shared style. It’s hard to get noticed in general,” said Roemello. His style and sound is very evident in his most recent project “The R&R Tape” which dropped earlier his month. 

The growth of an artist can be determined in many factors; such as fanbase, lyrical growth, beat selection, etc. Roemello explains his growth as one that shaped him into the artist he is today. “I’ve always been a fan of old school hip-hop, so when I started, every song I dropped bar after bar trying to prove I’m a great lyricist. As time went by, I realized it isn’t about proving it. I know I’m a great lyricist.”

Peep his new project “The R&B Tape down below.