Roro Talks About His Debut EP and How Got a Rockie Fresh and Euroz Feature

Anaheim, CA native Roro makes his first appearance on our page with his debut EP, “Drive.” The project features Chicago native Rockie Fresh from Maybach Music, Las Vegas Native Euroz, and Orange County natives Waldo Rezz, Mikey Melo, Lumm, & Mosaicc. Roro has his fingerprints all over this project from production, mixing, engineering and mastering. We had some time to catch up with Roro and talk about the project. Check out the Q&A as well as the full EP down below.

swidlife: How did this project come together?

Roro: I linked up with Mikey Melo whom is a long time friend. I had been out of the music game for a couple of years and really cannot explain why. One evening I got in the mood and cooked up the Drive beat and sent it over to him. The rest of the project follows this song.

swidlife: Were you going for a particular sound?

Roro: I wasn’t going for a specific sound. I was more focused on a specific theme and art direction. I guess you could say I was going for a specific sound on some tracks to set the mood but overall it was really just theme and creative direction.

swidlife: Were there some difficulties that you came across during this process?

Roro: Ya definitely, being able to get the artist to hit specific topics and moods that I was going for on each track to keep the theme and style fluid.

swidlife: How did you manage to link up with Rockie Fresh and Euroz?

Roro: I have been following both of these artists since their first mixtapes and have contacted Euroz in the past. He must have recognized my handle name because I got a pretty quick response. Rockie was a little different, I was actually listening to “The night I went to” when I made the Paint Drops beat so in a way I was inspired by one of the tracks on his album. In the back of my mind I told myself it would be amazing to have him on this track and six months later I was able to email and get in contact with him.

swidlife: What do you hope listeners will take away from this EP?

Roro: I hope they see the creativity of it. Currently, in the industry, I feel like we are missing the art of music. There is too much “let’s just make a hit” type of mentality. I wanted to create something that told a story rather than, “hey these tracks are dope lets just through it on a project together.” This is why the tracklist follows a story as well as the one-page manga. My goal is to continue to do this and hope to work with many other artists in the near future. Ta-Ku and Kanye have definitely been big inspirations.