Fontana, CA Native S-Flight Drops His Debut Project “Bout Time”

Fontana, CA native S-Flight recently dropped his debut full-length project, “Bout Time.” Clocking in at 10 tracks in length, the project has no features and is backed by a multitude of unique production.Taking more of a lyrical approach, SF showcases his unique wordplay and witty punch lines in a way that’ll make you run the tape back. The project contains a few skits that play as continuous narration carrying the same dialect.

Make It Grow” sets the mood and gives a clear overview of what sound to expect from the rest of the project as you make your way down. SF carries this monotone sound and delivery throughout the tape but presents it in various different ways as the track’s energy levels pick up and adjust accordingly. Overall, this body of work plays as a great introduction to the young CA native as he looks to solidify himself in the underground music scene. Check out the full project down below.