Section – District (Prod. David Walker)

Last we heard of Massachusetts artist Sechion, was in May with his debut album, “Black Gums.” Since then he says he’s been busy developing new material.

Releasing my album was a big achievement for my friends, family and myself. Some of the verses on their I’ve saved for years, the stories told weren’t only mine to tell, it really was an accumulation of a lot of hard work with my team. When you have a small fan base they are usually intimately involved with seeing you succeed so it felt like a weight off my shoulders, giving the world myself in its truest form. Now with that out, I feel free, more than anything what you are hearing is me unchained from the burden of my own expectations. The new music reflects that poise.”

On his latest release, “District” produced by fellow Massachusetts native David Walker, the MC floats through the boisterous production with ease. District can also be found on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal as well as SoundCloud down below.