superHero – The Beginning

The dynamic rap duo, superHero (dJ Ghost & Apollo) have returned with their second full-length album, The Beginning. The Beginning serves as a prequel to the duo’s first album, The Middle. Inspired by the critically acclaimed album Madvillainy, The Beginning is produced, mixed and mastered entirely by superHero in a single room in Midtown Atlanta. Stripped down rap with a few flashy frills – superHero has, appropriately enough, a superhero theme, with the duo never hesitating to sample from classic superhero movies and share their love of the genre. It makes for cinematic listening and adds an epic power to the duo’s arrangements.

Beyond that though superHero is brashly re-shaping what hip hop can be by bringing in a delicious additional level of aggression to make their beats all the more engaging and far more inspiring. Essentially – superHero have somehow optimized their lyrical content and production to create something truly unique. There is something strangely charming about what superHero do on The Beginning making for some of the most profoundly enjoyable hip hop you’ll hear all year.