Tamani Joy’s Latest EP ‘JOYRAT’ Makes for a Very Cohesive Listen

Production Credits:  seng°, save me, harvest, garrett, four fing, ¥EN

Baltimore, Maryland artist Tamani Joy makes his first appearance on our page with his new EP, “JOYRAT.” Coming in at 6 tracks, the project has a very distinct sound. The body of work opens up with Miss3x and honestly, as soon as the vocals come through, you realize that this project is one of those that can be played during an evening cuddle session. Produced by seng° and save me, the intro track does a perfect job of setting the mood.

As you make your way down the next few tracks, the production pace still holds up. Track 5, Lone Some is where Tamani brings forth a different energy level. Produced by harvest, on this track the B-More native relies on his lyrical ability to really bring this track to life. The last track on the project, OWL.B.OK. is sensational. This record does a nice job of wrapping up the whole project and gives the same monotone style that could be heard on track 1. Overall, this is a very solid body of work. We’re only about a week into the new month and I’m claiming this as the best project for the first half of November.