TheRealAGE Bring Us His Debut Album “I Made This In My Sweatpants”

Once in a while you come across and artist that can produce, mix/master, and even rock a beat or 2. Denver hip hop head TheRealAGE does just that, and today he debuts his album “I Made This In My Sweatpants.” The 13 track project contains only 3 features, Pat Anthony, Isaiah Anthony and Xsavier. This project is entirely performed, produced, mixed, & mastered by TheRealAGE himself, which in my mind makes it 10x doper. When asked how would he describe himself, TheRealAGE replied with “I’m not a 9 to 5, suit and tie kind of guy. I’m a wake up, put on some sweatpants, and make music all day kind of guy. That’s my idea of a comfortable work environment.” With that being said, check out the debut album down below.