Top 20 Underground Producers

Often times, producers get overlooked so we here at swidlife took the time to put together this list of the 20 hottest underground producers people should be aware of (no particular order) Let’s get into it!


1. Steelo Foreign

This Texas-based producer is somebody we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now. His most notable work has been done with one of our favorite artists, Billyracxx and the Texas native is definitely applying pressure as the year carries on.



Virginia has always been producing some top-notch artists ranging from Missy Elliott to Pharrell. DINUZZO has produced a handful of tracks for KR’s latest project, “It Could Happen” and is looking to make a name for himself this year.



Houston up-and-comer THROWEDTOBIN had to make the list. Crazy side story, when we posted on our Twitter that we were working on a producer list, THROWEDTOBIN’s name kept on coming up. We didn’t even have him in mind to begin with. After giving his beats a well deserved listen, we knew he had to make this list. 


4. Rob Jordan 

Making his way out of Corpus Christi, TX Rob Jordan is definitely making some noise in his city. Coming off the release of his most recent debut project, “90’s Kids” he displays amazing versatility on the production end of things. 


5. wxsly

wxsly actually got our attention when he did a record with one of our spotlight artists, Rell. People seem to be fuckin with him heavy on YouTube gaining an average of 500 views per upload. He also gets a lot of Twitter love and that’s how we found him.


6. Mike $antana

This dude got a pretty popping SoundCloud. With well over 500 followers, Mike $antana is somebody every indie recording artist should be aware of. His bouncy instrumentals carry a unique vibe that delivers a fresh sound.


7. TreezyMadeIt

This Denver, CO heavy-hitter is well know in his city for this production credits ranging from Yung Simmie, J STASH, Trev Rich, Dizzy Wright, and much more. With an array of drum kits, Treezy finds a way to produce beats that are suitable for any artist making him versatile.



This Miami, FL native has sure earned himself a nice following online. With his SoundCloud page growing on a daily, The PYRVMIDS looks to bring some new flavor to the game.


9. @y2tnb

This North Carolina native is switching shit up. His most notable record has this crazy alternative rock feel to it. With everything kind of sounding the same nowadays, @y2tnb is looking to bring a new sound forward.


10. LosifStvlin

This whole list wouldn’t mean shit if an Atlanta native didn’t find his way onto it. The influence that this city plays, not just in the production scene, but rap music in general is crazy. Losif Stvlin aka DEADREDDRAGUNOV aka GUILLOTINE aka DEADRED is the real deal. With influences from Havoc, MF Doom, Lex Luger, Tommy Wright iii and 666 Mafia, Losif Stvlin’s music is a mesh of all those combined. 


11. A-Bluntz

Making his way out of North West London / Birmingham, United Kingdom, A-Bluntz is making noise here in the USA. With a unique pack of 808s, his style is somewhat influenced by what’s coming out of Atlanta today.

12. Onji

Onji always finds a way to make it back to our page. Previously, he’s been showcased for his visuals and solid composition of his records. On the production end of things, This LA native can keep up with the heavy-hitters. He uses a mpc and Ableton and meshes old school and new school approaches together making for a unique sound.


13. KilConfirmed

Philadelphia is one of those places where every time you see an artist creep up on the scene, they’re from philly. KilConfirmed caught our attention a while back when he was credited as producer from Quice LNDN, another Philadelphia up-and-comer. Ever since then, we’ve been keeping up with his work and knew he had to make the list.


14. Kenif Muse

South Jersey native Kenif Muse has a pretty dope résumé built up. Nowadays, it seems like if you’re a producer, the only thing you should do is PRODUCE. Kenif is changing that notion. Recently producing Mir Fontane’s “Frank Ocean” Kenif is definitely looking to keep the momentum going this year.


15. Koren

This young Houston producer doesn’t often times get the credit he deserves. Personally, Koren is one of our favorite underground producers to come out of Houston. He caught our attention when he linked with Arlington, TX artist ZachariaH, another swidlife favorite.


16. Sora

Dallas, TX native Sora has produced his fair share of banger. Really can’t say much about it, we just found him on Twitter and thought we’d let his work speak for itself. 


17. SpitzOnThaTrack

This 17-year-old Ontario Canada native made the cut after we heard some of the production he’s done for a swidlife favorite, InNovaWeTrust. Spitz takes care of the production for his group Black Clique.


18. A1devin

Back again with another Atlanta producer. This time around, we want to introduce ya’ll to A1devin. Coming out of an area where a lot of folks are into the same profession he’s in, A1devin finds a way to make sure his sound stands out and is unique.


19. zJakkies

To be honest, we wouldn’t have found out about zJakkies if it wasn’t for FRIO telling us about him. After giving his beats the well deserved plays they needed, we knew we had to reach out and throw him on this list. The 15-year-old Cali native is really making a buzz for himself on social media and I think people are starting to pay attention now.


20. pacmanADV

Lastly, we’ll close out with Bando Beatz’s very own pacmanADV. Bando Beatz is a production company based out of the Oakland City neighborhood in south-west Atlanta. Co-Owners Chaz Carter, Cheikh Mock & Ron Shaw started Bando Beatz in August of 2014. Since its inception, Bando Beatz has worked with artist such as ILoveMakonnen, Rome Fortune, Trademark Da Skydyver, Lil Durk, Young Dolph, Key!, Juicy J, Curtis Williams, and more.