Tre Blanca – Bounce3x (Prod. IceStarr)

Hailing out of out the DMV area, 22-year-old Tre Blanca makes his first appearance on our page. Gearing up to release his upcoming album Thank You In Advance, today he drops off the first single, “Bounce3x.” Produced by IceStarr, this new record provides much insight in regards to what to expect from the project.

Clocking in at a little over 3-minutes, Tre’s unique vocals are presented in a way that matches the production level. The record starts off pretty slow but as the production picks up, Tre increases the intensity and brings forth more of a rapid flow. This sound carries on till towards the end when the energy level is significantly brought down making for a much more soothing outro. We had the chance to actually sit down with Tre and pick his brains about the upcoming project. Check out the short Q&A as well as the track down below.

1) How did the project come together? What was the thought process behind it?

TB: The title of my project is “Thank You In Advance,” which is a direct statement sent to future fans, future co-signers of my music, future labels & tastemakers. It is a state-directed towards Hip Hop, I fell in love with hip-hop Culture at age 5. I was in the back of my fathers truck, heard Notorious BIG’s voice and I was hooked since then. The project is 70% done, quality is always better than quantity in my opinion so I like to take my time with projects. Also me and my father shared a love for Hip Hop culture with a passion he introduced it to me, and with his recent passing on November 15, 2017, I feel inspiration of self, when you know something is for you and you have a passion behind it you continue to create, most times in the midst of tragedy great things happen.

2) Are you going for a particular sound with this project?

TB: I like to look at projects as musical abstractions, everyone feels differently when it comes to listening to music. Being born and raised in the DMV area I am influenced by Chaz French, Goldlink, IDK, Shy Glizzy, Fat Trel, etc. These artists are amazing to me and shine so much light on the city but they all have their own unique sound. My new release Bounce3x is a record I recorded at FlyZone studios in Maryland. It was a fun record to create, with music you should always have a balance.

Press photo

3) What do you want people to take away from it?

TB: From the time I began to write at age 12 I always wanted to be considered “a dope ass rapper,” but 10 years later my mindset is I want to make songs people can vibe to, songs people can relate too, and songs that can touch each one of your emotions. Thank You In Advance is my way of introducing myself to Hip Hop. Music is a sonic visual; I want people to feel every word, feel every hook, every song.When people hear any music from me I want them to know I put 110% of my heart into my art.