Tre Casanova – Jody (Official Video)

Tre Casanova - Jody (Official Video)

Hip-hop artist Tre Casanova recently released a music video for his single “Jody,” off of his upcoming album “Bear With Me.”

The single Jody is a modern-day twist on the classic momma’s boy character Jody from John Singleton’s 2001 film Baby Boy. The video also puts a modern twist and makes call backs to the film.

Tre takes on the role of Jody a juvenile-minded man. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is trapped in the mindset that the everyday struggle is too hard to overcome. He tells about being satisfied with small times hustles to get by, like the line “I use to sell brownies on a college campus,” which is a small time drug dealing references. The song also calls backs to the movie mentioning, abortions, hustling dress, and having a baby momma. The visuals further back this connection up by showing a relationship spat and a scene of Tre trying to sell a dress on the streets.

The visuals, shot and edited by TBVision and the production by Air Bravo mesh perfectly with the lyrics written by Tre. With all of these components, Jody is sure to be a hit. Check out the new video down below.