Trev Rich Launches His ’30 for 30′ SoundCloud Series

Over the next 30 days, Trev Rich is releasing new songs and new visuals. Quite frankly Trev is hitting his stride and there’s no reason to stop the train of creativity from running its course. Be prepared for a tidal wave of music in the upcoming months beginning with the “30 for 30” SoundCloud series.

“30 for 30 is strictly for the fans.  30 different feelings and emotions embodied Into 30 different records in 30 days from me to y’all. I feel like a lot of artists want you to pay to be apart of their journey, so I’m not charging you anything to bring you in my world. Enjoy – Trev

Every now and then an artist outdoes himself and Trev Rich is reaching that peak. Never before heard tracks have been re-worked, re-recorded or created entirely for this onslaught of new rhymes and he’s taking no prisoners. 6 days into the challenge, Trev Rich shows no signs of slowing down. Check out the most recent release down below, and previous ones can be found here.