Tyrone – Know My Name


Tyrone carried the stage name Breeze Embalm since the age of 17. After debuting the provocative single “Grab Em’ By The P***y” (influenced by our nation’s current head of state), he linked up with Final Outlaw  for “F***ed Up Sh*t,” his final song as Breeze Embalm. Now, with his former moniker and stage name completely shed, Tyrone introduces himself to the world while embracing his full identity with “Know My Name,” the lead single from his forthcoming self-titled debut album.

“When I say ‘Hi, my name is Tyrone’ there are two reactions I get from people: they either burst out singing Erykah Badu’s hit of the same name (I’d sometimes sing along with them), or they look at me in bewilderment adamantly telling me I cant be named Tyrone because I am not black. Being a Dominican who looks middle-eastern in a culture that is so focused on race I always understood the reaction but I never enjoyed how important race is to some people. When I started rapping I thought I needed an alter ego, I thought I needed to be something else, but I’m older and more mature now. I’ve never been more comfortable than being myself and I am ready for the world to know my name.” – Tyrone