waitmattno – Cartune Recipes

Producer from Atlanta, WaitMattNooften credited as “prod. By wmn” is back with another beat tape after the well received Christmas tape from December of 2016. The last offering from the producer included 33 instrumentals total, and featured a mature sample-based hip hop sound infused with trap elements and moog synths. While his newest project, “Cartune Recipes” provides a lesser amount of tracks, there is an overwhelming amount of growth shown off with this project. WMN also chose to tackle a different sound to match the summer vibes this time around, his release features a heavy reliance on 808s and simple yet catchy melodies. Although typically instrumental tapes don’t have much to offer to listeners other than rappers, WMN appears as the professor from the classic cartoon “The Powerpuff Girls” for an added aesthetic making this project highly anticipated. Below you can listen to his new project in its entirety and you can also view his promo video where he appears in full character. The video was Directed, shot, and edited by MarkCares who was assisted by Ashlyn Baldwin both included in the 3 person collective of “Andale Media” founded by WMN in 2016. WMN has announced that there will be a producer’s “cookbook” soon to accompany this instrumental tape for aspiring producers to get tutorials on how the beats for the tape were created. Also be on the lookout for his compilation tape “Cartune Racers” set to release on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more featuring some well-known artists rapping over his beats.