Wavele$$ – The Cherry Blues

After a year of back and forth, and no solidity in a place to live, or a path to take towards the future. Based in downstate New York, Wavele$$ is still finding himself through his poems and melodies. Changing lanes here and there there’s never been a moment where he didn’t wish shit could be different. At 19 it’s hard to cope with your past and your present when you’re having problems progressing and life just meshes together in its timeline. So many people go through it at this age. It’s fucking hard. in this new wave of hip hop/rap, Wavele$$’ agenda is to really display a message to those who are at the age where things start to become stagnant if you have no help or motivation. On this Sophomore project “The Cherry Blues” Wavy speaks through imagery of the simpler but best aspects of life. Not to forget what’s important for the mental. Wavele$$’ is the founder of his own Platform, “Lost Tribe USA” where he releases every visual, and piece of music he writes. His art and visuals reflect his image for his music. Every design, piece of artwork he promotes himself with is from him and is meant for you to project into yourself while you listen to his tunes. Through 10 tracks this project is as enticing as it is mellow and laid back. Every song is different and tailored to send a vibe through your spinal cord. It’s all food for thought, and it may not be the biggest portion, and that’s because Wave’ has just sunk his teeth in to the audience. It’s not time to chew just yet. After all, this sound is certainly a strange fruit, but this is no eden.