WHYTRI Looks to Bring a Different Sound to the Underground Scene in Boston, MA

Boston, MA native WHYTRI makes his first appearance on our page with a brand new project. Coming in at 6-tracks, KAHUNA is an EP that’s filled with a high-level energy,  gritty production, and clever lyricism. When you compare this project to what’s currently coming out of Boston today, WHYTRI brings forth a different sound.

Tracks like SKK and XURWIFI(Remix) show just how distinct WHYTRI’s sound is. We had the chance to sit down with WHYTRI and get a little bit more insight on the project. During this session, we covered; the Boston music scene, production, and much more.

How did this project come about? What leads to the creation of it?

Well, KAHUNA is basically a semi-introduction that’s long overdue. It was supposed to come out in 2015 with my, “RUST BUCKET” record as the lead single, but I decided to work on my craft a bit more. KAHUNA basically reflects my personality as WHYTRI and a semi-introduction to my sound. It came together after looking up the word which means big wave & the leader in charge. So basically this project represents me saying with my personality and style, I’ll be the leader of my own wave. Thus, I am KAHUNA.

What particular sound where you trying to go for?

I wasn’t trying to go for any sound particular. My music is still in its baby evolution stages, so it was a chance to create a body of work that could really put people in different aspects of my thoughts and personality, and just introduce them to WHYTRI, but not in the sense of a debut.

Looking at the music coming out of the Boston area, what do you think sets you apart?

Damn bro that’s a good question because the Boston scene is so tight as fuck. I would say the amount of energy that’s all over my records, and my live performances. That’s where I strive the most. I come from a high-level dancing background so putting on a show is like breathing for me.

On the EP, we saw there was a track which you produced. Is producing your own music something you want to be more involved in 2018?

FUCCCKK YESSS!! HUGE respect to all the artists that produce, mix, & or master there own music. That’s a HEADACHE but It’s for sure a big goal of mine hope to have more control over my sound by producing. I don’t think I’m really nice at it at all yet, but in due time I’m not worried. I got good mentors shout out Nino & MyCompiled.