Xavier Clark Premieres His 10 Track Project “Secluded”


Indianapolis-based rapper Xavier Clark has a large catalog, with his SoundCloud account boasting over fifty songs, countless videos and uploads on Apple Music and Spotify. Despite this, Xavier still taps into new sounds and concepts on his new full-length project, “Secluded.”

Xavier starts Secluded with an intro bearing the same name, where he spills his heart out onto the record, detailing every struggle, fear, and insecurity that comes with being an up and coming artist in his position, working to gain notoriety. The dark record is juxtaposed with a lush Jodeci sample throughout. From there, we go on a journey for ten tracks, exploring anger, victory, love and every mood and feeling in between. Google’s definition of the word “secluded” is “not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private”. Within these ten tracks, we see why and how Xavier became secluded. It’s unclear whether being secluded is the best decision for this artist or whether it’s a decision at all. That’s part of the mystique and undertone of the project. Through every upbeat moment on Secluded, the doubt and frustration of the intro have an unavoidable resonance.

Secluded includes features and production from Mathaius Young, Carti Bankx, Will C., Krews, Dauphin Amir, and tyjuanonthebeat, among others. Stream the full project down below.