4 New Songs You Should Hear

    It’s impossible to catch every new release that comes out each Friday. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are 4 new songs from emerging and established artists to soundtrack your weekend.

    Rocky Snyda — WTFWTA

    Flatbush, Brooklyn artist Rocky Snyda is best known for her eclectic style and genre-bending music. Drawing attention throughout NYC and the underground music scene through her live performances, her music often displays her vibrant energy. With a new EP slated to drop soon, her new single, “WTFWTA,” is her most polished release to date. 

    Jordan Ali — SONG 777

    Maryland’s Jordan Ali has an eclectic ear for production and a voice that slices through the air. Taking immense joy in defying expectations and pushing the limits of his artistry just as those who came before him did, his latest offering, “SONG 777,” is a fearless record that will lead us into his debut project, “Legend Has It.”


    JORD4NEVERDIED is an emerging artist and producer, quickly becoming a prominent piece in Boston’s budding underground scene. Coming off a year-long hiatus, he returns with a new two-pack titled “Portal,” consisting of two new bangers to get you hip if you’re currently not.

    JAWNZA — Longnights / Wuna

    Tampa, FL native artist JAWNZA constantly focuses on leveling up each time he drops. His first release of the year is a double single that puts his full artistry on display. Each body of music is meant to be the next step in his journey toward finding peace and discovering himself, and “Longnights / Wuna” continues him on that path.


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