4 New Songs You Should Hear

    Can't-miss songs from Cousin Stizz, boyband, Michael Sneed, and Wakai.

    It’s impossible to catch every single new release that comes out each Friday. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are 4 new songs from artists — emerging and established — to soundtrack your weekend.

    Cousin Stizz  — “LBS”

    Boston hip-hop staple Cousin Stizz drops off some new heat. His latest offering, “LBS” highlights all the attributes that make Stizz such a unique artist. With his forthcoming project “Just For You” slated to release on February 11th, “LBS” is another strong single that has us looking forward to the body of work.

    boyband — “SURE!”

    boyband’s new single “SURE!” is the epitome of his bass-thumping signature style, a mixture of hip-hop and pop-punk. This 1:38 offering track is packed with emotion and energy from front to back. boyband’s braggadocious vocals pair perfectly with the impressive and uptempo production making this one a must-hear.

    Wakai — “Starter Jacket” Ft. Emmavie

    Wakai enlists UK-based R&B and neo-soul artist, Emmavie for his new single “Starter Jacket.” The two combine beautifully on a niche blend of off-kilter jazzy hip-hop, coupled with a neo-soul-influenced production that is ambient and full. Wakai continues to explore multiple genres with the release of his new work, constantly creating from an organic and wholesome place. 

    Michael Sneed — “Lungs on Fire”

    Coming out of Oakland, Michael Sneed is a name you should remember. An undeniable master of his craft, he often takes a melancholy approach to his music, and each new release displays his emotional growth. His latest single “Lungs on Fire” has all the makings of your next favorite song.


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