4 New Songs You’ve Gotta Check Out This Week

    Need some new songs in your rotation? Well, worry no more because the SL team has you covered. From CatchTwentyTwo’s soothing vocals to Talkless’ pop-punk sound, here are 4 new songs that you’ve gotta check out this week.

    1. New York’s Akinyemi released his debut project ‘Reborn‘ last week. To get a true feeling about what the tape is about, check out the title track ‘Reborn.’ The project is full of extremely calculated instrumentals with Akinyemi releasing every emotion throughout. This track stands out because of its catchy hook along with the young star’s groovy verses.

    2. Joony, an Atlanta artist who’s on the verge of stardom, fresh off his project ‘Silent Battles,’ has followed up with a Deluxe version featuring Ty Fontaine. But the favorite of the project has to be ‘Baby Joon.’ This has to do with the liquid morphine flow that opens the track, followed by Joony’s wavy raps that automatically make your eyes droop. The beat switch lets Joony take the song from his dreamy side to his smug tongue-in-cheek energy, allowing him to show off his talents in any situation.

    3. Talkless‘ new single ‘Why‘ is the pop-punk apology that you might need if your significant other starts getting upset with your eccentric lifestyle. The song is filled with heavy emotions laid down by the Los Angeles singer and is the perfect pair to a heavily poured drink and a cigarette. One of his first tracks on Spotify, hopefully, whatever’s in store next matches this level of artistry.

    4. After signing with Ultra Records end of last year, Florida singer-songwriter CatchTwentyTwo hasn’t slowed down. Last December, he re-released his debut EP Caught in The Moments on all platforms via his new label. Shortly after that, he shared the official video for the standout single Won’t Wait Anymore. Following his last release Limelight, his new release ‘Night Is Done‘ showcases his soothing vocals seamlessly matching with the infection production.


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