4KPHIL. Unleashes His Captivating New Single “Gangrene”

    Following the success of his 2-pack EP “Lady Luck” at the beginning of the year and his previous single “Johnson & Johnson,” 26-year-old NY-based artist 4KPHIL. proves once again why he is an artist to watch. With “Gangrene,” he showcases a unique blend of conventional hip-hop and alternative sounds that highlight his distinct style.

    “Gangrene” brings forth a fusion of raw emotions, striking lyrics, and a sample-driven production that captivates listeners. With a runtime of just under two minutes, the track wastes no time in making its impact felt. 4KPHIL.’s raspy delivery shines through, bringing an authentic and unique texture to the song. The track’s brevity adds to its replay value, leaving you eager to experience it again and again.

    “This song honestly is the peak of my next project and the sound I’m looking to expand and elaborate where conventional hip-hop meets alternative,” shares 4KPHIL. His ability to blend various genres and styles showcases his versatility as an artist. His previous releases have already garnered attention for their creativity and lyricism, and “Gangrene” continues to build on that reputation.

    Behind every great song lies a compelling story, and “Gangrene” is no exception. 4KPHIL. revealed that the genesis of the track coincided with a challenging period in his life. He contracted COVID-19 just a week before a scheduled performance at the legendary SOB’s in Brooklyn, NY. During this difficult time, his manager/engineer sent him a beat pack and one instrumental in particular caught his attention – “Halos.”

    He recounts, “No exaggeration. I was aiming for my next full-length project to be sample-driven solely, and to be honest, to say this instrumental embodied that would be an understatement. I felt so sick I just played the beat, and the first line was ‘Gangrene flow / I’ve been feeling sick.’ That line was maybe the most realist shit I’ve ever written.”

    “Gangrene” serves as a testament to the power of creativity even amidst adversity. As 4KPHIL. moves forward with his music, his journey promises to be one of innovation, authenticity, and artistic growth.

    Listen to “Gangrene” below.


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