7AO Stuns With His New Album “i don’t really know”

    Step into the world of 7AO, an emerging talent hailing from the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Known for his distinct fusion of chill rap, profound lyrics, and addictive hooks, 7AO has garnered attention for his ability to create a captivating sonic journey. In his latest ten-track album, i don’t really know, 7AO showcases his exceptional rapper and lyricist skills, immersing listeners in relatable themes, personal experiences, and introspective storytelling.

    At the core of i don’t really know lies 7AO’s remarkable talent and artistic vision. Tracks like “catch me” showcase his smooth melodic flow and reflective rhymes—while songs like “crzy” and “limelight” take more of a slower approach, showing his versatility as an artist. From the opening track, “spotlight,” listeners are drawn into 7AO’s world, where he effortlessly weaves together thought-provoking messages and laid-back vibes.

    When asked about the creation of the album, 7AO expressed his dedication and commitment to his craft. i don’t really know is the culmination of three years of honing his skills and gaining valuable experience. “Most of the album was recorded in two weeks, but there are songs on the album like “spotlight” that I wrote in 2019 when I was still figuring out my sound and finding my way around different genres,” he shared. Each song was meticulously written, with moments of frustration and perseverance, all fueled by the vision of the final product. 7AO is grateful for the journey that allowed him to create this unique and captivating sonic experience.

    In its entirety, i don’t really know is a must-listen for any hip-hop enthusiast. The album’s seamless transitions between tracks, blending thought-provoking pieces with laid-back production, ensure that there’s something for everyone within its diverse soundscape.

    Listen i don’t really know to below.


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