8 New Songs You’ve Gotta Check Out This Week

    Get familiar with sounds from MAVI, Junior Varsity, Marlon Craft, Hadji Gaviota, Blvck Svm, and more

    Each week, the SL team rounds up the songs we can’t get enough of and believe others should definitely check out. Get familiar with sounds from MAVI, Junior Varsity, Marlon Craft, Hadji Gaviota, Blvck Svm, and more.

    1. Even when you feel like you’re at the world’s end, MAVI can soothe those emotions with his carefully curated soliloquies. The scholar and lyrical gymnast, aided by Michigan producer CoffeeBlack, can frame his current physical & mental state in a vulnerable way that allows the listener to try and feel the same as he does. For some enlightenment, listen below.

    2. If we were to ask who the modern-day rockstars are, the answer would include much more than rock. Junior Varsity is one band influenced by their rockstar predecessors who has earned the label in modern times. Bending genres into their own alternative gradient, there is much to inspect in their new self-titled EP “Junior Varsity.” Besides their singles, the track that most caught my attention was Limousine for its tactful blend of influence, which made me even check the credits for Bon Iver. This is bound to be one of your new favorite bands.

    3. I knew Igwe Aka was a special artist as soon as I saw the video for his song Not the Hills on the No Jumper stream. The latest from the Californian artist has him switching gears from where I originally heard him. Mitchell Flow feels like Drakeo The Ruler grew up listening to Milky Chance, and I’m not upset. Igwe’s versatility on diverse beats makes him a name to notice and remember.

    4. This has to be my favorite Marlon Craft song to date. The self-aware New York City native loaded up his latest track Bozo leading to his next project Homecourt Advantage vol. 1. The simplistic visuals are merely there to accentuate his expressive penmanship, letting the world know he “ain’t really with the bullsh*t.” If you haven’t received any words to live by from the under-appreciated and driven MC, it might help your efforts of self-actualization to hear him out.

    5. Blvck Svm is a noteworthy artist I’ve been listening to for over a year now, and this man deserves his flowers for repeatedly delivering. Svm raps like he’s recording in the back of a library, pulling lines from post-graduate theses. The lyricism present in his songs is slick and fitting to the sound system of anyone getting to the money. His latest, Claymore, fits in well with his long discography of elaborate lyrical concertos.

    6. Another to make the list of pertinent tracks is from Ahmir of the east coast collective KillSwitch alongside MAVI. Lowlights is a track that represents the positive energy garnered from not giving other people a piece of your own energy. The Charlotte representative comes in over a smooth guitar & flute combination fitting to a late-night drive alongside some deep thoughts.

    7. A warm day with a beer on the beach is the energy of Hadji Gaviota‘s latest track, Oyster, from his EP Pastimes.” Overall a great inclusion to the current landscape of anti-pop, Hadji matches the essence of the song with his video hitting every note while rotating through Coney Island. This corner of New York’s young scene of burgeoning popstars is still developing so you’re bound to see his name again, whether here or on a billboard.

    8. Lastly, but not least is Bickle, another pop adjacent star whose music is like silk socks, uncommon, but a lavish treat. His latest release under this moniker Talk Words is a smooth guitar-driven delight. Bickle adds his spice with a unique production style, and all around the track feels suited to the last scene of a 2000’s coming of age movie.


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