8 New Songs You’ve Gotta Check Out This Week

    Due to the quarantine, we’ve had so much music being released from major, indie, and bedroom artists at a rapid rate. We believe a lot of good music is being slept on. Check out these 8 sleepers and let us know what you think in the comment section.

    Long Beach, CA artist Skuuls drops off two new songs in the form of Portraits and (With You.) Both records carry the same vibe and showcase Skuuls’ unique sound over ambient production. Peep the new tracks down below.

    DC artist LB199X showcases an arsenal of flows and rhymes on Boyle Heights which is a track suited perfectly for riding through the city late at night. The chilling production in the background keeps your head ringing while LB199X feeds you self reflecting bars.

    Chris Allen’s latest track Good Morning is bright and resilient. The rising DC experimentalist delivers back-to-back murky, spaced-out miniatures.

    Donnie Durag drops off his new video Parkway. Produced by WavyBoyJodii, the track gets brought to life in a way that makes for a dope visual experience, one in which alludes to Fonnie’s artistic prowess perfectly. Check it out below.

    Neila recently dropped off her new track Nasty. The bouncy record was made for you to turn-up to. Neila’s smooth vocals compliment the production in a way that will have you running this one back a few times. Check out the new track down below.

    Jersey artist Dolla$ignDunn delivered his brand new project, One Bad Day and the 7-track project has a few highlights that allude to Dunn’s unique sound. The Sir Michael Rocks-assisted track Lighthouse displays Dunn’s range.

    Jay Dot Rain’s newest single Rain Dance is an absolute banger! Jay brings forth his braggadocious lyrics while showcasing his smoothing vocals on the hook.

    Coming out of Chicago, Ronnie Rage drops his latest video for his single Restless. This song is great and really shows Ronnie’s versatility as an artist real well because he showcases different flows, cadences, and lyrical power that makes him a fantastic overall artist.


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