8 New Songs You’ve Gotta Check Out This Week

    Tracks we love right now, in no particular order.


    Each week, SL staff rounds up the songs we can’t get enough of and believe others should definitely check out… I think they call it “puttin’ you on.” With that being said, here they are, in no particular order.

    Philadelphia mainstay JustFrenchie recently released her new EP, ‘It’s All Love.’ The unique thing about the 8-song EP is that each song is accompanied by a visual/music video adding a whole new element in the way her music is presented. Check out ‘Gone‘ down below.

    Florida-based Moonchyldd‘s debut project ‘Phases‘ is an 8-song body of work that plays off the concept of astrology and how there are 8 phases of the moon, and each carrying its own vibe. Such an amazing concept that can be heard throughout the project and its song arrangements.

    St. Louis’ KVtheWriter delivers her latest song ‘Stormy Waters.’ The new offering manages to infuse hip-hop/rap, reggae, and R&B elements to create a new alternative rap sound. Video coming soon!

    Grammy-nominated singer Chrystel taps Toyé for her latest offering ‘No Fi Waste.’ The new single serves as the last single before her highly anticipated EP ‘Prey.’ Peep it below.

    Rising Richmond, VA artist Xay delivers his debut album ‘Forever With Me.’ At 7-songs in length, the album is very reminiscent to early Kendrick, with the storytelling and production of the album. Check out ‘Eos‘ down below.

    Compton, CA artist Holland Izz shares his new project ‘B4DAIZZM 3.’ Effortlessly gaining traction with his energy fueled delivery and clever bars, the new project does a nice job of showcasing his unique sound. Check out the video for ‘Lil Soulja.’

    ILL ADDICTS is a six-member art collective from Boston, MA. Their latest project ‘Foundation‘ is a great introduction to the budding collective if you’re currently unfamiliar with them. Raw flows and a heavy-hitting production will surely have you turning up. Check out ‘DAM‘ featuring Michael Christmas, another respected Boston artist in his own right.

    Stockton, CA artist Don Quez just dropped off his new 3-song EP ‘Phoenix‘ and it’s fire! ‘The Moth & Flame‘ is a bar-filled banger that allows Don to flex his lyrical prowess. Give it a spin down below.

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