Atlanta-Based Singer-Songwriter Aáyanna’s ‘Let Me Find Out’ Is a Sublime R&B Escape

    Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Aáyanna’s music is full of wisdom that belies her youth. At just 19 years of age, she’s already been crafting passionate, soulful R&B imbued with emotional depth for years. Continuing her hot streak, she unveils her latest sultry single ‘Let Me Find Out.’ As her third release of the year, it delves listeners more into her soft-voiced world of heavy emotions and thematic content. The new single arrives months removed from Aáyanna’s Valentine’s Day single “Hello Moto,” a song dedicated to all the lovers in long-distance relationships.

    Speaking on the new release, Aáyanna had this to say, “‘Let Me Find Out’ is about taking that risk with the person you never gave a chance and finding out that they were the one all along.”

    With each release, Aáyanna hopes that her self-expression inspires others to recognize their inner strengths. “I just want to be heard, and felt,” she shares. “I want those who relate to me to feel seen, we’re all going through the same things one way or another.” Check out the new single down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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