Abby Jasmine Delivers Her Brand New Project ‘Who Cares?’

    PC: rowmel_


    I’m vaguely familiar with Abby Jasmine, but not enough to really know what she’s all about. Today, the Staten Island native has delivered her new nine-track album Who Cares?.

    Throughout the project, Abby creates a lovely soundscape and delivers pretty and compelling vocal performances. The very satirized production and with influential neo-modernisms in combination with her vocals with a very unique stamp introduce you very well in its story. The album is a concept that should be listened to in its entirety, as songs bleed together in a beautiful way. While the album works together extremely well, the power of each song on its own will be seen over time.

    The album is powerful fusion of rap, R&B and pop. The rhythms speak perfectly to each other in this album, with a futuristic production and fusion of these musical styles she makes her own sound, bringing to the industry something different that we find difficult to see, and this is incredible. It is unique to see artists so young with so much talent offering much to the music industry. Stream the new album down below.