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    Front Page Ad

    Want to advertise with us? This ad will appear on the front page of website. Due to the limited number of spaces in this very desirable spot we are not able to offer multiple spots or larger sizes.

    We currently have 1 space available. We will accept reservations for space on the front page for future advertisers.

    Ad Features:

    • Your company’s logo or image of your choice.
    • An active link to your company’s web page.
    • $45.00 monthly for all the above. Prepayment discount available.


    We charge a flat rate to display your banner for a fixed amount of time. Each advertising order placement gets (2) ad positions. One will display a address/info ad with clickable link and Logo. The other ad will be placed in a fixed position on the right side of each page. We do not guarantee any amount of traffic as much of the success of an ad depends on how engaging you make the content of the ad.

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