After a Two-Year Hiatus, Well$ Delivers His latest EP ‘Forza 6’


    From a young age, music for him has been a cathartic release. Although the desire to make a career out of writing lyrics has always existed, its place in importance always stood as a byproduct of the process as opposed to center stage. Somehow, over time the role of music in his life began feeling more like a 9-to-5 requiring every decision to become calculated and planned; the world around only confirmed the feeling that the way to make it as an artist in this day and age is to churn out content at the speed of an Instagram swipe.

    All this blended with the fact that his peers managed to find success in this new ecosystem led WELL$ to question himself and his place in music. Simultaneously, as all of these frustrations were brewing in him, he relocated to Virginia, leaving the state he called home his whole life for an opportunity to start from zero. This rejuvenating move placed him in a position where for the first time since he began working on music he could freely live as Leroy the person rather than WELL$ the artist. The fruit that has grown from this tree is that he has rekindled his love affair with music. Having shifted music back into its place as his daily journal of sorts, he’s back in a space where he’s writing music for its therapeutic properties. The new shift in his mindset is that although he still longs to be able to live off of his art, he’s become more comfortable staring at the uncertainty of the blank page each day and trusting his ability to channel the words from his world inside.

    FORZA 6 was born while navigating these interior roads. This two-year hiatus brought him back and forth between VA and NC exposing him to the type of sounds conducive for long journeys. These late night drives became the sonic building blocks for the sounds of FORZA 6. Although people may expect high-energy records coming from WELL$, FORZA 6 is a shift that’s representative of his evolution as an artist and the world he has been building in isolation. Leading with the single Where Dreams Go To Die, which will be released as a pre-saved instant great song, WELL$ hopes to reintroduce himself with the statement that he is back for his rightful crown. Stream the new EP down below.