AG Club Revisits Their ‘Halfway Off The Porch’ Project With Video For ‘Hngover’


AG Club’s first full-length project, Halfway Off The Porch, came out earlier this year. At 9-tracks in length, this project shows AG Club’s ability to make quality, considerate music no matter the style or genre. While listening to their music, you can feel the influence of a variety of sounds and styles that have permeated popular rap music over the past few decades. These influences do not overshadow AG Club’s sound, however. These boys are so confident and intentional with their music that their sound does not feel like it’s trying to be anything other than itself. It’s unique and bold in its own right.

Today, the collective released the official video for the project’ standout record, Hngover. The track shows the more vulnerable side of AG Club. It’s a deeply personal song. They talk about their pasts and struggles, as well as their ambitions for the future of their rap collective. Its introspection is matched by the song’s slower pace that really draws you into the words. They really make you listen to what they’re saying. Directed by Manny Madrigal, the heartfelt lyrics get translated into eye-catching scenes that bring the record to life. check out the new video up above.

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