Ahmad Anonimis Does What Needs to Be Done in his Debut Album ‘DANCING WITH MY FEET UP’

    Ahmad sets himself apart from his peers in a crowded ATL rap scene.

    When you think of East ATL regarding music, your mind might revert to established stars such as 21 Savage or Young Nudy. But Ahmad Anonimis is defying all those expectations and does not fit the mold of your typical Atlanta rapper. His debut album, ‘DANCING WITH MY FEET UP,’ shows that Ahmad refuses to be boxed in with others and chooses to pave his route. At a runtime of 34 minutes, Ahmad gets straight to the point of what’s been clouding his thoughts.

    Ahmad enters his bag when he can pop his shit or groove to a spacey production. Standout songs like the Chris Patrick-assisted, ‘Tebanasu’ and the Mekdelawit-assisted, ‘Fire and Ice‘ are two examples of the duality of Ahmad. In each song, Ahmad brings something different while allowing listeners to grasp the unexpected hardships of being a young emerging artist. ‘DANCING WITH MY FEET UP’ will be the first of many classics from Ahmad. Check out the new album below.


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